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The Mequon Scholastic Chess Club is a parent run club with the mission of promoting and teaching chess to all interested students living in the Mequon area.


The club season begins in October and ends in March. The club meets once a week at the Donges Bay Elementary School from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. During each session, students are taught by a chess coach in groups determined by experience level. They will also participate in matches with other students in a club ladder format.

Currently, club size is limited to approximately 30 students. No chess experience is required.


  • Teach chess at each child’s level
  • Provide an alternative social outlet besides sports
  • Bring back trophies
  • Have fun!


The chess club was started by Bob Patterson-Sumwalt in 2003 as the Donges Bay Chess Club. Shortly after, Bob helped started chess clubs at other Mequon schools. In 2006, the various chess clubs were combined into the Mequon Scholastic Chess Club. Since then, the club is run and supported by Mequon parent volunteers.


If you have additional questions about the club, please feel free to contact the current club coordinators:

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