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Published on February 16th, 2014 | by jsweber


A Slow(er) Night at Mequon Chess Club

This past Wednesday was a slower night for our chess club. Much fewer kids showed up than usual due to either illness or probably other school activities. As such, I was able to have a few minutes to take some photos of our kids in action. I also got a picture of Coach Flanders analyzing a game with the Group A kids. This gives you an idea what goes on at our chess club session. Jason, Michelle and I are very proud that most of our kids have been working hard and enjoying the club. In fact, this past weekend at the Evangel Assembly of God Club chess tourney, four of our kids participated and left with four trophies. Nisanth won 1st place (undefeated) in the K6 division while Anish took home the 4th place trophy in the same division. Kevin Wan won his 1st trophy placing forth in the K2 division. Our K6 team with only 3 kids (Benjamin, Nisanth, and Anish) won a fourth trophy with a 2nd place team finish in the K6 division.

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